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Turning Around the Equity Downturn

Strategies for jump-starting postsecondary equity attainment in the post-pandemic era

Susan Bodary, Partner, Education First

Loren Blanchard, President, University of Houston-Downtown

Kristi Leonard-Webber, Community and Career Connected Learning Coordinator, Building Bridges to Careers

Researchers from Education First will share new findings on declining postsecondary enrollment rates in Ohio since the pandemic, including barriers and challenges facing low-income, non-white, and first-generation students. They will be joined by experts from other states and Ohio about the challenges and solutions that have been effective in their communities.

Previous Events

The Big Blur

Erasing the boundaries between high school, college, and careers – and creating one new system that works for everyone

Panelists: Joel Vargas & Kyle Hartung, Jobs for the Future

In their new report, The Big Blur, Joel Vargas and Kyle Hartung lay out their argument for erasing the boundaries between high school, college, and careers – a radical restructuring they say can work better for everyone.

Pathways Matter

How state policies build a skilled, educated workforce

Panelists: Adriana Harrington & Quentin Suffren, ExcelinEd

Policy experts with ExcelinEd, a national organization that supports state leaders in transforming education, recently conducted a deep dive on career pathway policies in Ohio to help the state better understand the strengths and opportunities for improving our education and workforce systems.

Driving Achievement with Data

How data analysis can improve student outcomes

Henry Mack, Senior Chancellor, Florida Department of Education

Dr. Keith Richard, Statewide Director of Career and Technical Education Quality, Florida Department of Education

Jane Clark, Associate Director of Policy and Advocacy, Data Quality Campaign

Florida education leaders will share how they created a system in which they use data from a variety of sources to inform stakeholders on workforce demands and credential outcomes while informing policymakers as they pursue innovative policy changes. National experts will also join to share how states across the country are benefiting from better data connections to workforce outcomes. Learn why it’s more important than ever to have data systems in place to drive the change we want to see.

The Formula for FAFSA

Learn how to increase FAFSA completion rates from leading states and Ohio communities

MorraLee Keller, Senior Director of Strategic Programming, National College Attainment Network

Katina Fullen, Executive Director, I Know I Can

Dr. Tireka Cobb, Director of the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance Field Outreach Services and Project Director for Louisiana GEAR UP

Learn why Louisiana leads the nation in FAFSA completion and hear from local Ohio experts about strategies that can help drive FAFSA completion and help more students pursue postsecondary education.

Credentials, Pathways & What Happens Next

A look at how credentials actually align with Ohio’s workforce needs

Joel Simon, Vice President of Workforce Strategies, Lightcast

Quentin Suffren, Senior Advisor of Innovation Policy, ExcelinEd

Policy Experts from ExcelinEd will share their research into the alignment between the credentials students earn and the demand for those credentials in the workforce. The presentation will shine a light on the industry credential landscape in Ohio and provide recommendations on how to improve career pathways and credentials in the State.